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We help residential and commercial property owners attract more qualified buyers....

GGB Capital LLC:

     GGB Capital provides positive financing results for real estate investors, developers, realtors, buyers, and most importantly for property sellers. Given our extensive experience and network to many of the best in the seller finance industry, we offer expertise for each situation and transaction, whether you are buying or selling a personal property wherever seller finance can be a solution to today's challenging real estate markets. We are also connected to a network of private investors who are focused on filling the void left by the near disappearance of conventional lenders for a high percentage of deserving buyers.

The History and Purpose of Seller Financing:

     Seller Finance or Owner Will Carry real estate sales have been around since the early 1980's when the prime rate spiked to 20% and mortgage rates peaked at over 18%.  Alternative financing solutions such as seller financing sought to substitute private capital for conventional funding in those situations where there was adequate positive equity in the property. This positive equity would permit a motivated seller to construct and create their own mortgage or deed of trust and finance the sale of their property themselves at an interest rate the buyer could afford, yet still provide an attractive return to the seller for the risks they were being asked to assume. Such a custom financing solution also permits owners to sell difficult properties, allows for the acceptance of a wider range of creditworthiness and down payments, increases the land-to-improvement ratio beyond prescribed limits, and accelerates closing on deals more quickly than using a conventional lender (assuming that one would even provide a quote). 

     Essentially, seller finance grew up under those same conditions where we now find ourselves except for the high interest rates. What's particularly important to observe today is that while seller finance may have historically been reserved for selling "less-than-perfect" homes to "less-than-ideal" buyers, this is most certainly no longer the case.  Seller finance is now being aggressively offered on even million+ dollar homes and is attracting huge numbers of buyers who "just missed" being qualified for conventional financing because of significantly tightened credit standards among the remaining conventional lenders (which is about 75% of us out there today). 

Consultative Method:

     As a stable provider of credit and financial solutions for the real estate industry, we work directly with you, attending to your pressing financing needs and guiding you every step of the way. Our satisfied clients include many professionals, property sellers and buyers alike, whose efforts to transact business have been stymied in these markets and are in an ongoing search of financing alternatives that might assist them in selling their property.  Seller finance is not a solution for those unfortunate property owners who now find themselves under-water or in foreclosure, but it can help almost everyone else who may have thought there was no solution to their problems despite having positive equity in their property.  Take heart!  Seller finance can and will help attract buyers through your property - buyers willing and qualified to buy if seller-financing is made available.  Any GGB Capital Seller Finance Specialist can help structure, qualify, document, and close a deal much more quickly than can conventional lenders.  Please call us today and ask how we can help you sell your property more quickly and at a fuller-price using seller finance!

  GGB Capital LLC
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